With 2023 right around the corner, Balloon And Events Construction Company is extremely excited to see what’s next and in anticipation, we’ve concocted a list of some New Years decor and a few items we think will be trending in the new year.

Let the countdown begin!


Spread the bubbly with champagne-inspired decor! Champagne Bottle And Bubble Arches paired with Champagne Bouquets is a great way to celebrate a grand opening or decorate for an event at a restaurant or bar. They start at $350.00 and come with heavy base plates to ensure no matter how windy and unpredictable the Florida weather is, that your arches are exactly where they need to be. There’s also a smaller version of the Champagne Garland, which even has the option of a pink bottle for birthdays or bachelorette parties. 


Bring in the new year and a new you with large Lighted Marquee letters or numbers fully customized for your event. Whether it’s a simple “2023” or a “Marry Me,” light up the night with the marquees and an organic balloon garland in your desired colors–pricing and sizes available on our New Year's Catalog.


Keep it simple with our Bulk Balloon Delivery starting at fifty (11’’) balloons for $200.00. Delivery fees aren’t included, but if you are on limited time or need some helium balloons to add to other decor pieces, then bulk balloons are the perfect fit. They come in your choice of colors and string so they’ll fit every event perfectly.


Hedge Walls with a Demi Balloon Garland are on the rise because not only are they a great photo opportunity, but they can be customized in any way to ensure it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Hedge Walls are also available with a full garland or even none at all and are most commonly used for baby showers, birthdays, and weddings!


If you don’t need a full Hedge Wall, the Demi Arch is a fantastic option. It’s still big enough for great photo-ops on its own or it can be placed over dessert or gift tables. It can be personalized with foil balloon text to display the year or a name and the arch itself comes in unlimited colors including pastels and chromes.


We also have our Grab And Go Garland, where with a click or two from our website you can have a six to twelve-foot balloon garland custom-made in your desired colors at our location and available to pick up the Friday or Saturday before your event. We even have an entire blog post here to explain step-by-step on how to get your on-the-go garland without any fuss!


Be the center of attention with our Champagne and Happy New Years centerpieces that is absolutely perfect for table and bar tops. You can also get the centerpieces with the year on them with mini foil balloons in any color of your choice. 


Our Jumbo 3’ Balloons have been a hit the last part of 2022 so we’re pretty certain it’s going to be just as wanted in the following year. Starting at $35.00 each, these jumbo balloons are great for staircases or along the wall as indoor decor. Just keep in mind if you want them delivered to your event you need to order at least three, though pick-up is available if you don’t need as many. 


Columns will always be in style, but if you’re having trouble finding the perfect ones for your New Year's event then you have to see our 7’ Linked Column With Double Digit Numbers and our 6’ Classic Column With 3’ Topper. And the best thing about our products is that almost everything can be changed so if you want a classic column with double-digit numbers on top then we can make it possible! If you’re interested in more custom orders then fill out our form here and a member of our team will reach out.

And one!

We saved the best for last. Both our small 18’’ Pop Drops with fifteen mini balloons inside and our 3’ Pop Drop with both big and mini balloons inside are the biggest must-have of the year. Compared to our ceiling balloon drops which don’t look as “pretty” from the ceiling, our Pop Drops are compact and since they look like stationary decor, no one will suspect what’s inside. When it’s time for the big POP, you or your guests can use the magical popping wand it comes with, raining down confetti and balloons.

Still not sure what decor you need for your event? Check out our New Year’s Catalog or our quick-shop New Year’s Balloons on our site for more inspiration! And don’t forget to contact us with any questions or requests so we can bring your dream balloon decor to life.

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