It doesn’t matter if you like taking photos or not, having the physical memory of an event you never want to forget means more than you’d think. Some of the best moments guests have is taking silly pictures in front of a fabric wall—it gives them something to talk about and admire even years later, so we take photo backdrops very seriously and have come up with a list of our top favorite options.

ONE. Demi Arches are by far the favorite for decor at any event to stand under for photos or even as an added option to a larger backdrop. No matter how it’s used though, it’s completely customizable in color and with silver or gold lettering (if desired).

TWO. We see a lot of circle balloon backdrops for lots of different kinds of events like baby showers, graduations, and weddings. They come in unlimited color variations and are built with a heavy weighted base to ensure they can withstand conditions indoors and outdoors.

THREE. If space isn’t an issue, then a fun and unique option is a full balloon backdrop or a balloon photo frame like this one here. They can be customized with character balloons, vinyl lettering, and/or fake plants to guarantee it fits with your event theme.

FOUR. If you don’t want a full balloon backdrop we recommend adding a fringe, fabric, or sparkle backdrop with a full or demi arch to get a gorgeous backdrop. We see this used a lot for baby showers, birthdays—especially first birthdays behind the high chair for some cute and memorable photos!

FIVE. Hedge Walls are another fantastic idea for decor. It can easily be decorated for kids' jungle theme parties or dressed up for a sophisticated wedding venue or a bachelorette party. These also come with the option of a full or demi balloon arch and wording if needed.

SIX. Sailboards are our new addition, which are hand-painted boards completely customizable and can be paired with organic balloons placed strategically above or around it to give it a more modern or fun vibe like displayed below.

It doesn’t just stop there though, between our love of custom orders and a dedicated team, we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need so skip the stress and order now with Balloon And Event Construction Company! PLUS, we have an entire Backdrop Catalog for you to look through with pricing and customization options and ideas.

Not seeing what you want though? No problem! Check out the unlimited balloon decor options on our website or contact us with any questions or requests so we can help bring your dream balloon decor to life.

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